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For every house we sell this year we are donating a portion of our income to support these 4 Worthy Causes...... I strive to be more than just a Real Estate Agent, I want to help in and around our local community and my goal is to start by helping support these 4 Worthy Causes!

This is why I am on a Mission to Help Raise $20,000 
to be distributed between these 4 Worthy Causes!!

⭐Autism Ontario,  
⭐Skillz Hockey 

  ErinoakKids- is Ontario’s largest children’s treatment center, providing a broad range of medical, therapeutic and support services to children and youth with physical and developmental disabilities, autism, communication disorders, and children who are deaf or blind.

Erinoak Kids supports over 17,000 Kids a year who have a wide range of physical, developmental and communication disabilities.  Their main services include Autism Services, Communication Services, Infant Hearing Screening, Infant Hearing Services, Medical Services, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Vision Services. Their goal is to help each child they serve to build on his/her unique strengths, and to maximize opportunities for independence, health and well-being. They also help families as they meet the challenges of everyday life.

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Autism Ontario- is a charitable organization with a history of over 49 years representing the thousands of people on the autism spectrum and their families across Ontario. Made up of knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates who can speak to the key issues that impact autistic individuals and their families, Autism Ontario is the province’s leading source of information and referral on autism, and one of the largest collective voices representing the autism community. There are seven regions across the province of Ontario.

The work They do helps all autistic individuals and families in their communities have access to meaningful supports, information, and connections so they are equitably and seamlessly supported across their life course.
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Motionball - is a national non-profit that empowers young Canadians to be leaders in their  communities, raising funds and  awareness for the Special Olympics through integrated social and sporting events. We believe that the next generation of  Canadians, today’s students and young professionals, are the future of the Special Olympics movement – with the power to  make a meaningful difference for generations to come.

Their purpose is to create a sustainable funding model and a base of supporters for the Special Olympics movement.  At the same time, they’re providing more people with the tools to pursue their passions and make a difference in their own communities. 

Their mandate is to introduce the next generation of donors, volunteers and sponsors to the Special Olympics movement. Through integrated social and sporting events, Motionball now proudly hosts 50+ annual events in 17 Canadian cities and 34 university campuses. Through these events and as a result of the many individuals, partners and organizations that have 

supported the movement, Motionball has donated over $14,000,000 net since its inception in 2002.

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SKILLZ HOCKEY- is a full-service hockey school geared towards young players from diverse backgrounds with an eye on advancing to the next level. The school is dedicated to serving students from all cultural backgrounds and income brackets, and boasts high-level professional instruction that rivals any of the top training institutes in Canada. Talent, spirit and a willingness to learn are all you need. Access is our game!

Access/ability. Playing hockey should be more about access and ability than anything else. At a time when the gap continues to widen between the have and have-nots, They believe that all youth, especially ones that exhibit a love, passion and feel for this beautiful game, should never be held back from pursuing hockey as a career. They work hard to eliminate some of the traditional economic barriers of entry to the sport while simultaneously exposing young players from diverse backgrounds to the highest level of professional instruction, 

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